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If you have large trees on your property you know the importance of making sure they’re well cared for. Simply letting nature take its course may work in the forest but unless you’re the sheriff of Nottingham your backyard likely isn’t the forest. As such, when it comes to dealing with the trees on your property you have things like expensive landscaping, pool and patio areas, the backyard deck and the wellbeing of the house to consider. All of these serve to underscore the fact that tree maintenance is as essential as mowing the lawn and trimming the shrubbery and point to the importance of making sure you entrust the well-being of your trees to a qualified Tree Company in Knoxville, TN

While the importance of caring for your trees should not be in doubt, selecting the right tree service in Knoxville, TN, can be confusing. Numerous Tree removal services in Knoxville run the gamut from guys with chainsaws and a pickup truck to highly skilled professionals who know the local flora inside and out. At Treescapes Unlimited we provide the following services:

Emergency Tree Service Knoxville TN 


Stump Removal And Grinding

Stump removal with a stump grinder is a serious job and it should be done by a professional using professional equipment. Treescapes Unlimited has performed hundred of stump removal jobs throughout the east Tennessee area over the past two decades. Whether you have to ensure that there is nothing left to trip over or you are clearing land for a new foundation, you can trust extensive experienceof Treescapes Unlimited to ensure that no damage is done to your property while having your stumps removed.

Tree Removal

While this may seem like splitting hairs (or splitting trunks?) tree removal is not quite the same thing as tree cutting. Where tree cutting may be done this week or next month tree removal is often required in the wake of destructive weather events that have caused trees to topple. The tree may have collapsed onto a roof or simply across the yard but in any case you’ll need the experts from Treescapes to remove it quickly, completely and most of all, safely.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming, or pruning as it’s commonly known, is the process of selectively removing old or excessive growth for the good of the entire tree. Knowing which branches to remove or trim back in order for the tree to flourish is not as simple as it may seem. Over-pruning may in fact do irreparable harm to the tree. Treescapes’ highly skilled arborists bring a surgical precision to the pruning process that enables your tree to glean the maximum benefit from the pruning process.

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